iMac IPTV web application
Filter your IPTV channels in your m3u file down to the ones you watch!
iMac IPTV web application

How it Works

In 3 easy steps

playlist link icon

Enter your
m3u playlist URL link

Your playlist url is secure and
will not be stored

playlist link icon

Select the groups you
want to see on your TV

Cut out the stuff you'll never watch,
like TV from Outer Mongolia

playlist link icon

Update your
IPTV url

And sitback and enjoy your much smaller,
easier to navigate IPTV playlist

TV channels

The Problem

IPTV providers are adding more and more channels to their m3u lists
with the goal of making more and more customers happy.

This can mean that your IPTV player has problems dealing with the
large number of channels, and can mean that you have to scroll
through pages of channels that you probably won't watch.

Wouldn't it be great if you could

filter out the channels you don't watch?